Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy sessions provide you with a personalized yoga program designed to encourage healing, relieve physical symptoms, and reduce mental and emotional stress.


Yoga therapy adapts and applies yoga techniques and practices to inspire health and healing at all levels of being.

Wellness In Motion private yoga therapy sessions address the inter-relationship of your physical body, breath movement, energy and vitality, mental and emotional health, and sense of inner peace and contentment. When one aspect is out of balance it can affect your entire well-being and ability to heal.


Using a combination of yoga techniques, self-observation and personal reflection, yoga therapy acknowledges and encourages your innate healing abilities. With its focus on balance and integration of all dimensions of being, yoga therapy naturally encourages a state of wholeness and health.

What happens during a yoga therapy session?

Your initial yoga therapy session includes a review of your medical form and an assessment of your physical areas of concern. Carol will then use a combination of tools specific for your personal needs: breathing techniques to increase oxygen flow and release toxins and tensions, hand gestures (mudras) that encourage harmony and healing, positive affirmations to focus the mind, deep relaxation techniques and guided meditations. All allowing you to relax and release physical, mental, and emotional tension and stress.

During the movement portion of the session a combination of slow, purposeful movements (somatics), myofascial release techniques, and yoga postures are used to encourage body and breath awareness, release old patterns, increase range of motion, build strength, and improve posture. Depending on your health concerns, therapeutic balls may also be used to increase fluidity in your joints and fascia, release nervous system tension and to increase lymphatic flow and circulation throughout your body.

Diet and lifestyle habits will also be given consideration as part of your yoga therapy journey. Specific yoga tools, adapted and modified appropriately into a unique, individualized take home package will be chosen to facilitate your optimal health and healing based on your personal wellness goals.


Who can benefit from yoga therapy?

You can benefit from yoga therapy if you have stiff joints, limited mobility, are dealing with a specific health condition, or are recovering from injury or illness.


$65.00 per session

Sessions are 50 minutes.