Reiki is a Japanese light touch, energy-based modality. Reiki helps to re-establish a healthy flow of life force energy, naturally enhancing your body’s innate healing ability. Using a series of hand positions directly on or just above your body, a natural flow of universal energy is directed into the energy field surrounding you. Your body will naturally draw in the energy you need to calm and relax your nervous system.


While providing the soothing comfort of gentle human touch Reiki works as a nourishing support filling your body, mind and spirit with a greater sense of harmony and peace.

What happens during a reiki session?

After a short consultation regarding any physical or energetic imbalances you are dealing with you will settle into a comfortable position either lying or sitting. While resting with your eyes closed and healing music in the background, Carol will treat you to a lovely experience of deep rest, restoration, and energy re-balancing for your entire body, focusing specific intention on your areas of greatest need.


When your session is complete you are encouraged to take your time getting up, have a drink of water and enjoy the rest of your day with a greater sense of peace in your body and mind.

Who can benefit from reiki?

In these stressful times of change anyone can benefit from the calming, nurturing effects of reiki.