Scott has time after time guided my body back into a healing state with perception, intuition and skill that still astounds me and is surpassed only by his level of care. Immediate and lasting results that allow me to continue my very physically demanding lifestyle.   Stefanie Travers, Merritt, BC


I highly recommend Scott Fisher for any pain issues that you may have. When I initially met Scott I was impressed by how thoroughly Scott went through my injury history. He was meticulous in regards to how my body moved through range of motions. When it came time to treatment Scott told me everything that was going to happen and answered any questions or concerns that I had over the years that I saw him. Scott is a caring individual, I shared many of my thoughts and had some good laughs with him as well and because of this I consider him to be a friend.   Paul Aumack, Kamloops, BC


I am so thankful to have discovered CranioSacral Therapy and specifically Scott Fisher. He takes the time to do a detailed assessment and then provide treatment that has been very effectivefor me. After a very badly broken leg, I had many areas of my body that were not working properly. After just a few treatments, I am seeing amazing results. I would recommend him to any one without reservation.   C.J.S., Kamloops, BC


Originally I went to Scott for a specific injury. In a relatively short period I was happily experiencing mobility and use in the joint that I hadn’t had for almost 2 years. During the process of correcting the original injury Scott was also identifying and addressing issues that I had forgotten about, or was unaware of.  It wasn’t until I started to feel well that I realized just how unwell I was prior to seeing Scott.  Not only is the original injury a thing of the past, I am now able to participate in activities that I had been forced to forgo, have more energy and vitality and improved sleep patterns. All of which has led to a greatly improved sense of wellness and well being. Thank you Scott.   Robyn Haley, Kamloops, BC


Scott provides whole body release, tension release, reduction of multiple pain symptoms in all parts of the body. Scott provides a positive, comforting, and caring experience in a relaxing environment.  He also educates his clients in understanding their bodies and how we can invest in their own health.  I look forward to all of my sessions with Scott.  Thank you for opening the door to a more pain free life.   Derin Young, Kamloops, BC


My great fortune was being introduced to Scott Fisher and osteopathic therapy in 2011. At the age of 55, my health challenges are chronic hip and knee problems due to sports without any significant improvements. My daily life was enduring constant pain and loss of mobility. After my first appointment with Scott I gained tremendous pain relief and increased mobility/alignment after my first session!! It was a liberating experience! Now after several sessions I am back enjoying activities that bring me lifestyle joy. I celebrate and highly recommend wellness with Scott Fisher and osteopathic therapy!   Barb Coates, Kamloops, BC


I went to see Scott originally for treatment of osteoarthritis in my knee. He was professional, very knowledgable and has a non pretentious approach to treatment. I have always felt comfortable with Scott, which made it easy for my body to accept the treatments and I believe that’s what has contributed to the treatments success. The pain relief and increased mobility in my knee is great. Don’t be confused by the subtlety of the osteopathic treatments, they are effective and the changes although gradual are huge and long lasting.   Kim Johnson, Kamloops, BC


After many months searching for solutions for an ongoing back problem, with Scott’s help, it got resolved and I could resume work.  I have been well ever since.  With his expertise and professionalism, he knows how to address underlying issues related to any condition, and treats the body as a whole in a very gentle and efficient manner.  He generously shares his observations and empowers me with positive knowledge. I feel very lucky to have met him.  Francine Lanoie, Kamloops, BC


In January, 2013 I was in a motor vehicle accident.  I received a back injury and minor bruises along with a mild concussion.  I noticed that my static balance was completely out of sync.  Several months later I saw Scott Fisher and he worked on my head and neck for well in excess of an hour.  Three days later I noticed that my balance had completely returned. A couple weeks later he treated me again; this time for extreme heartburn which we thought was a hyenas hernia. My Dr. had been treating this with a prescription which had little or no effect, but with Scott’s treatment my heartburn completely went away within a couple days.  Scott is now currently treating me for my back and I am totally satisfied.   Rick Dupuis, Williams Lake, BC


Pain in my mid back had been a challenge for 6 months when I went for treatment with Scott.  After his assessment he decided (much to my surprise) to work on my esophagus.  The pain alleviated and by the third day was completely gone.  It has not returned.  Thank you Scott!   Deryn Lewis, Kamloops, BC


It was wonderful working with you, Scott and getting to meet you and Carol. If I ever need any Osteopathic treatments, you would be the one I would call.  Thank you for all the care and extra time you gave me in helping me with my pain, etc. I know you will have a very successful and satisfying practice because of the way you treat people…..you are kind, patient, caring and just simply have gifted hands and a ‘healer’s heart’. All the best Scott and Carol.   Maggie Wiens, 100 Mile House, BC