We will send you a detailed medical form to fill out and bring with you when you come for your

first appointment.

Fees are payable when services are rendered with credit card, cheque or cash.


All treatment prices include GST.


Wellness In Motion treatments are not covered by MSP. If you have extended medical coverage, check to see if your policy covers Osteopathy. 

Manual Osteopathy

Treatments are 50 minutes.

Sessions are spread apart by at least one week.

Referrals not required.

$105.00 per treatment

A personal treatment plan will be developed to address your individual needs.

Progress is reevaluated during each session.

Yoga Therapy

Sessions are 50 minutes.

A series of private sessions is recommended to experience changes in your body.

$65.00 per session

Sessions are booked from 1 week to 1 month apart depending on your needs.

Seniors Caregiver

Up to 3 hour visit: $40/hour

Over 3 hour visit: $35/hour

Over 12 hours: $30/hour

Mileage when driving client: .59/km

Payment is due at completion of each visit. Payable by cheque, cash or etransfer.